15+School lunch ideas for your kids.

Having a child is troublesome. Special when you have to decide what to make. They are not like us that will eat everything. They are choices due to that it is very difficult to make school lunch for them. There are some ideas you can to make lunch for your kids.

This school lunch will be simple and easy to make which is low in cost and take less time.

  1. Ham-Cheese Sandwich & fruit as a side dish.
  2. Turkey-cheese sandwich & fruit as a side dish.
  3. Fruit Salad:- Kids don’t like vegetables but they like fruits. So, fruits will be a great replacement for vegetables for nutrients.
  4. Jam and Bread with a Fruits juice.
  5. Homemade Muffins
  6. Pancake
  7. Homemade min pizza.
  8. Flat Bread with yogurt
  9. Bacon Sandwich.
  10. Fried Noodles
  11. Onigiri
  12. .Fried rice with egg
  13. Fried rice with sausage.
  14. Pasta Salad
  15. Whatever is leftover

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